Here's what people are saying about Mojo Crepes!

Wilamette Week

"Wrapping your brain around a Japanese-style crêpe becomes a lot easier once you put one or two of them away. This little cafe specializes in the dessert versions, rolling vanilla-scented pancakes—they make them right in front of you—around ice cream, fruit, whipped cream, Pocky and a whole lot of awesome, then serving it cone-style. The prefab combos are a great place to start if you’re unsure: the berry-ba-licious ($4.75) blends blueberry, bananas and cheesecake ice cream, and the Jean’s Flambé ($5.25) is handheld bananas Foster sans rum. Between the charming and gracious hosts, cute space and concentrated yummy, your waistline may be in serious danger here."

Oregonian A&E

"The Japanese-style crepes are the namesake specialty of the house, but recently added Taiwanese shaved ice should also rank high on any frozen confection hot list."

Neighborhood Notes

"If folded Dutch waffles or grilled sandwiches aren’t far enough outside of the Nutella-filled box, head up to SE 84th and Division, the home of Mojo Crepes. Mojo Crepes is a small shanty that takes a Japanese street vendor approach to selling crepes, “taking the formality of eating crepes down about five notches,” the owner says.

At Mojo, crepes are served in cone-shapped wrappers, then filled with hot gooey toppings and cold rich ice cream. The Mo, The Jo and The Mojo all serve up Nutella and vanilla ice cream with banana (the Mo) or strawberry (the Jo). Refuse to make a decision between the two and opt for the The Mojo which combines freshly sliced bananas with sugary strawberry compote."

Portland Mercury

"Japanese sweet street snacks invade Portland! Freshly made crepes are formed into a cone and filled with all manner of sweet stuff. From ice cream to berries to Nutella. Topped off with whipped cream and a Pocky stick! Yum."


"Fun place. I often complain about how there's nowhere for ice cream or even a good dessert along 82nd, so I bet we'll be back."


"Vanilla ice cream, banana, and nutella all wrapped up in a freshly made crepe. It’s the mutant movie monster of Portland desserts and every bit as fun as seeing Godzilla give Mothra a beat-down."