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The Origins of Mojo...

Mojo, originally codename: MJ572 was the subject of a Japanese science experiment to develop a fast acting growth agent. The premises of the experiment was heavily based on “project: Godzilla” that occurred back in the 50’s.

The experiment was initially successful as Mojo stood over 100 feet tall. However through time, Mojo’s size shrank exponentially. With all out failure of the experiment, the scientists quickly and discreetly disposed of poor Mojo.

Miraculously though, Mojo survived and wandered the streets of Tokyo until finally finding refuge with a local crepe street vendor. There, he was introduced to the art of crepe making and learned everything about producing these wonderful tasty treats.

It wasn’t long until the evil scientists learned about Mojo’s existence. With fear of becoming captured, Mojo fled Japan and was washed onto the shores of the Oregon Coast…

There, he befriended two locals and began sharing the tales of a cone-shaped hand held crepe. The three realized what they had to do…

Open a crêpe shop and share Mojo’s story with the world to exploit the evil scientists!