Crepes originated from France and are thin versions of their more well known counterpart: the American pancake. Crepes are highly versatile and are filled with all sorts of delightful morsels.

Normally served exclusively at upscale French restaurants, crepes are filled, folded and served on fine China - that is until the street vendors of Japan borrowed the idea and invented a more portable and casual way of enjoying these treats.

At Mojo Crepes, we've adopted the Japanese street vendor spirit and taken down about five notches on the formality of eating crepes. Enjoy the same freshly prepared crepes filled with an assortment of fruits, ice cream, and other toppings without the fluff!

Mojo Crepes now offer Japanese-style hot dogs and bubble tea! We offer milk teas, smoothies, slushies & a variety of ice blended coffees!

Made to order crepes, from start to finish:

Video footage edited by Ink Ray Media